random dinner.

Once a week Sonny and I have an “easy” night, meaning we are on our own for making dinner. That gives Sonny a chance to have lots of meat, boxed mac & cheese, or another meal that I don’t eat now that I don’t eat meat and dairy. It also gives me a chance to experiment with new veggie meals that I’m not sure he will like.

We joke that our “easy” nights never actually turn out to be easy. I usually pick a time consuming meal to cook for myself and he does the same thing. It’s still nice to be able to cook our separate meals, and at separate times occasionally.

Last night was easy night. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make until I read a couple blogs. First I saw Jenna’s recipe for caramelized brussels sprouts I knew I had to make them soon. Every recipe I have made from Jenna’s blog has been amazing, so I knew this would be really good.

Then I read Choosing Raw and Gena had posted a recipe for guacamole that looked really good. And the best part is that I had most of the ingredients for the guacamole in the garden (with the exception of the main ingredient).

Caramelized brussels sprouts + guacamole = a super random dinner (but delicious!)

The recipe for the guacamole included cucumber, cherry tomatoes, basil and corn, all items we have in our garden! This is the first year we planted corn. We planted it a little late, so we didn’t get as much as we had hoped. But we got a bunch of these small ears. And they are really good!

I have never made guacamole with so many veggies, but I will definitely be making this again. Sooo good!

The brussels sprouts also turned out really good. I normally either roast or steam brussels sprouts. I really enjoyed this chopped, sauteed version.

I made quinoa and roasted a red pepper to go with this random meal. This is my plate. It’s crazy, but Sonny’s plate looked exactly like mine! He decided he didn’t need to make any meat for himself last night and ate this instead. And he thought it was really good. Before you know it, he is going to be a vegetarian ;) Okay maybe not, but I’m happy that he is eating less meat.

Side note: We have been spending about 25% less on groceries the last few months. I think this is partly due to all the vegetables we have had in the garden this year. Also contributing is the fact that Sonny is eating less meat. Love it!

Do you ever make really random meals even though the flavors might not go together perfectly? I think it’s a great way to try out some new recipes. I’m not sure that I would make a meal like this for guests, but I like making things like this for myself (and Sonny).


  • Annette
    October 22, 2011 - 10:49 | Permalink

    Lindsey, I must say the brussel sprouts look delicious! Since starting crossfit, I’ve fallen off the wagon and started eating poorly. I’m so hungry all the time. I’m inspired by your meals!

    • Lindsey
      October 22, 2011 - 19:32 | Permalink

      It’s so hard to eat well when you are busy. I usually try to keep healthy snacks with me all the time because I get super hungry too. Sometimes I make energy bars (or buy them), or even just keep almonds + chocolate chips with me. And maybe a banana. Pretty healthy and filling. Nice work sticking with Crossfit! It’s awesome you are seeing results.

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