Monthly Archives: January 2011

10 miles.

My long run day started off as most of them do. I got up at 6 to eat my pre-run snack. Today it was half of a banana and a spoonful of sunflower butter.

While I waited for my food to digest and for it to get light out, I played around on my computer reading blogs, catching up on email, and making a new food plan/grocery list spreadsheet (more on this in a different post). I really enjoy this early morning time before I go for my runs.

I wore pretty much the same thing today as I did last week. Hat, shirt, jacket, pants, and Green Silence shoes. I think it was around 40 degrees when I left the house.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to carry water with me on long runs. Yesterday I wore my Camelbak on my easy 5 mile run. I wanted to try it out first on a short run just in case I didn’t like it. I actually thought it was a lot more comfortable than wearing a belt. So I tried it again today.

For the most part, the Camelbak was comfortable. It’s light and doesn’t bounce around very much. The straps loosened up during the last few miles and it started to bounce but I tightened the straps and then it was comfortable again. I think I will use the Camelbak again.

My coworker Duane met me for my run this morning. It’s great running with him because he is faster than I am so he helps me keep a faster pace than I would probably run at on my own. Sonny rode his bike while we were running. It’s fun having him hang out with us at random times during the run.

From this point on, I will be increasing my long run every other weekend by 2 miles. The other weekends I will decrease my long run. Last weekend I ran 12 miles and this weekend I decreased to 10 miles.

Today’s workout: 3 mile warm-up, 6 mile tempo, 1 mile cool-down. I was planning to stay at an 8 min/mile pace for the 6 mile tempo. I ended up running a little faster which was great.

8:40 – mile 1
8:45 – mile 2
8:25 – mile 3
8:02 – mile 4
7:58 – mile 5
7:46 – mile 6
7:51 – mile 7
7:38– mile 8
7:38– mile 9
8:56 – mile 10
8:47 – a little extra

Summary – 1:22:59 – 10.14 miles – 8:11 average pace

Even though this run was shorter than last week, it was hard!


I went home and made steel cut oats (I’m loving these lately). While these were cooking I made a smoothie with rice milk, spinach, hemp protein powder, strawberries, and peaches.

And here are my oats.

Next weekend I’m running 14 miles. I’m nervous!

Weekly Recap: 1/24/2011 – 1/30/2011

Monday – 1/24/2011
Lunch: Run – 4.25 miles (easy) + 3 x 8 sec hill sprints
PM: Walk – 30 minutes
PM: Yoga – 20 minutes

Tuesday – 1/25/2011
Lunch: Run – 7 miles (4 mile progression)
My glute muscles (left) are pretty sore today, probably due to the long run this weekend + skiing. My knee felt great though!
PM: Walk – 30 minutes
PM: Yoga – 20 minutes
Just this short amount of yoga makes my body feel so much better!

Wednesday – 1/26/2011
Lunch: Run – 5 miles (easy)
PM: Walk – 30 minutes

Thursday – 1/27/2011
PM: Walk – 30 minutes
PM: Run – 5.16 miles + 4 x 10 sec hill sprints (speed group)
Hills! The workout was hard!

Friday – 1/28/2011
Rest day.
Sonny took Max on a 30 minute walk. I stayed home and cleaned the house.

Saturday – 1/29/2011
AM: Run – 5.09 miles (easy)
AM: Yoga – 75 minute class
Sonny took Max on a walk while I was at yoga.

Sunday: 1/30/2011
AM: Run – 10 miles (6 mile tempo)
I will be posting my recap of this run soon.
PM: Yoga + core exercises – 45 minutes
PM: Walk – 30 minutes

Running: 36.96 miles
Walks with Max: 7 walks!
Yoga: 4 times


I love to organize. And I love being organized. Actually I think I’m a little obsessive with organization but that’s okay. Along those same lines I’m a total neat freak. The first thing I did last night when I got home from work was clean the house. It’s weird I know, but there is nothing better than a clean house to start the weekend.

My sister-in-law, Christina, inspired me through a couple of her blog posts to organize a few things in my life. Since I didn’t have much on my schedule today I decided it would be a great day for some organizing!

I got up a little before 6am. This was partly due to a hungry dog and partly because I’m weird and I get up really early on the weekends. By 7am I had my account set up and all my bank/cc/investment info loaded. Setting up a account is something I have been thinking about doing for a while but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. To see where I got my inspiration to set this up check out Christina’s post.

I went for a run at 7:30 this morning. I had 5 easy miles + 4 x 8 sec hill sprints on my schedule today. I have to run early on Saturday’s because I go to a yoga class at 9am and I like to run before the class. Today was the first time I have run 5 miles before yoga. Usually I only run 3-4 miles. Let me tell you, yoga was hard today after running 5 miles! It’s always a challenging class, but today it was really hard.

After yoga I made some steel-cut oats and sat down with my computer to see how works. Currently I use Quicken to keep track of all my accounts. I like it but I don’t think the budget part of Quicken is very easy to use. It looks like budgeting on will be a lot easier. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep using both programs or choose one or the other.

I must say, I need to start paying attention to how much I’m spending on groceries! Holy smokes. I shop a Market of Choice which is definitely more expensive than other grocery stores. But I think if I pay attention to sales and plan our meals more efficiently I can reduce the amount I spend on groceries. I’m excited to keep track of my spending next month.

Next, I accomplished my second organizational goal of the day which was to set up Time Machine on my computer and back everything up on my hard drive. Prior to a couple of weeks ago I didn’t have Time Machine (because I had an old operating system on my computer) so I backed up all my files and photos manually. It’s a long story as to why I installed Snow Leopard so I will spare you the details.

While my computer was backing up I did my taxes! Last year I waited until the last minute. I wanted to finish my taxes today but I don’t have one of my 1099′s and won’t have it until the middle of February. Frustrating. But at least I’m almost done!

My third organizational goal was to purchase a fire proof safe to store my hard drive and important documents like our passports and birth certificates. I should have done this a long time ago. After reading Christina’s post about backing things up and reading this post on a house that burned down I decided to get the safe. I used to keep my hard drive about a foot away from my computer. Not smart.

My Saturday was productive! Now I’m going to do some reading.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my afternoon snack. A banana + strawberry + peach + rice milk smoothie.