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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We hope you have had a great day, with lots of good food, family, and friends. We have had a nice day hanging around the house, and had dinner with my parents and Sonny’s parents.

xo – Lindsey, Sonny, and Max

saturday + running


What a productive day it has been!

My morning started with a nice long run with Lauren. It rained a lot last night, and I was sure our run this morning was going to be a wet one. But luckily we ran 10 dry miles! And we got to catch up on life, and wedding planning. It’s fun to have a friend that is also planning a wedding right now.

After wasting a little time on my computer, Sonny and I got to work on our Christmas lights. And a couple hours later we were done. I’m currently sitting on the couch where I can see some of our lights. Love it!

While we were putting up the lights, I noticed how bad the weeds are in the front yard. So I ended up pulling weeds for at least an hour. It was not fun, but productive!

Then we went grocery shopping for the week, cleaned the house, and now we are making homemade pizza. A great Saturday.


Before I ran the Big Sur half a couple weeks ago, I was thinking about running one more half this year. But, I don’t feel like it. Instead, I’m going to start doing some heart rate monitor training again.

Last year a friend let me borrow his heart rate monitor training book. He told me a little bit about it and how it might help my running. Since I was just building back up from being injured, it seemed like the perfect time to try it.

I read the book, and then spent an entire month running at less than 70% of my max heart rate (slowwww), which is the build up phase described in the book. The short version of the story is this:

- I ran a lot of really slow miles
- When I started, I had to run/walk to keep my HR down and ended up with averages paces of around 11 minute miles
- By the end of the month, my average pace had dropped to 9:30-9:45 pace at the same heart rate
- Heart rate monitor training taught me how to run slowly, which I think is soooo important
- I also learned how to listen to my body more than I ever have before

You can read all of the details here.

I’m sure that one of the reasons why I have been healthy for over a year now is due to all of the lessons I learned during this month of heart rate monitor training. I know, it probably sounds a little wacky.

After I completed the month of running at <70% (for me that’s a heart rate of 150 bpm), I started training for the half ironman I completed over the summer. The combination of this month of slow running, and then half ironman training was perfect. I was able to feel comfortable running slowly (9 min/mile pace) for most of my training which helped me stay healthy.

Since I have a good running base built up right now, I’m not going to do the build up phase again. This time I’m going to do one of the 12 week training programs included in the book. There is a training program for four different levels of runners (novice, intermediate, advanced, and competitive). I think I fall somewhere between intermediate and advanced, so I’m going to try the advanced plan with some modifications.

Week 1 looks like this:

First, I don’t run everyday. I’ll probably run 5-6 days a week, so I’ll skip one or two of the easy runs on the schedule. I usually do long runs during the week, so I’m not going to follow the plan exactly in that respect either. And I try to fit in a trail run once a week if possible. Basically, I’m going to use the plan in the book as a guide.

I don’t have a race planned for the end of the 12 week training plan. But I am hoping to run a couple half marathons next Spring, and a few other random races.

Yesterday I ran 4 miles at 70% of my heart rate which ended up being 11 minute miles. It’s hard to run that slowly. Hopefully, since I have done this before, my body will adjust quickly and I can start running faster while keeping my heart rate low.

How was your Saturday? Did anyone else put up Christmas lights or a tree? We are hoping to get our tree next weekend!

Last Long Ride.

I made it. All of my long workouts are behind me. Done and done.

When I started training for the race, I thought there was a good chance I would end up injured and not make it to this point. But I did. And it feels great.

My last long workout was on Saturday. 2.5 hour ride (with 3×20 min at race pace) + 30 minute run.

I broke down and bought some Lululemon cycling clothes. Good stuff. I was wearing the same jersey on every ride, so I was due for a few new items.

The air was thick and damp when I started riding. It wasn’t cold, and the roads were fairly dry, so it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

It rained for 15 minutes. I had to take my glasses off because they were all wet. Riding in the rain is not fun, so I’m glad it didn’t last long.

I met Katie back at my house after an hour and 45 minutes of riding. She rode with me for the rest of my ride. So fun!

By the time Katie started riding with me, the sun was out.

14 miles later and we were ready to run. I wasn’t feeling too bad physically, but mentally I was ready to be done with the workout. At this point I think I will be able to make it through 70.3 miles physically. But the half marathon is going to be a serious mental challenge.

On one hand it’s hard to believe I’m tapering, and that Vineman is in a week and a half. But at the same time, it feels like I have been training for this race for SO LONG. It has seemed like a long time, but not in a negative way. It’s been fun and rewarding. Seven months is a long time to be training on a schedule. It will be nice to have a break after the race is over.

I’m ready to get this race done! I have been visualizing the race for months and months. And now that it’s so soon, I’m trying not to think about it. I’m afraid I will get too nervous. However, I need to start making a list of everything I need to pack for the race.


Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone has a fun day planned! I’m taking advantage of the fact that I don’t have to work or workout by relaxing!