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gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Gluten free flour. Welcome to my world.

I’m going to share with you my first experience baking with gluten free flour. It’s not my first experience with gluten free baking though. I used to make these cookies that are from Clean Food. They are delicious. But it turns out I’m sensitive to oats. So I can’t make those wonderful, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies anymore.

I’m also sensitive to wheat, hence the reason I made gluten free cookies.

I also need to cut out all refined sugar from my diet. I don’t eat a lot of sugar. I try to keep refined sugar to a minimum, and mostly use honey as a sweetener. But I do eat some chocolate. And I think I eat enough that it has been difficult to completely eliminate from my diet.

Oh and I just realized there is sugar in ketchup. My favorite condiment. What am I going to do?

I’ll tell you all about my latest food issues in a separate post. For now, I will tell you that the last five days have been frustrating. It’s not easy to make diet changes. Especially when one of the substances I need to stop eating is addictive (sugar).

I was thinking about sugar and how unhealthy it is and remembered this video, Sugar: The Bitter Truth, that I watched a couple years ago. It’s long (1.5 hours), but worth watching. While I searched for the video, I found this 60 Minutes video. It’s only 14 minutes long and covers some of the same topics as the longer video. It was exactly what I needed to watch tonight because I have been tempted to give in to my sugar cravings.

I got a little off topic there. Back to gluten free baking.

I searched some blogs for a gluten free cookie recipe that I would be able to easily modify and found this one from Love and Lemons.

I made some modifications.

- honey instead of the sugars
- I ended up adding a little flour to compensate for the additional liquid from the honey
- carob chips instead of the chocolate chips
- almond extract instead of vanilla extract, only because I was out of vanilla.

I’m so glad the recipe mentions that cookie dough made with gluten free flour tastes terrible. I confirmed this. It is so bad. But the weird taste does go away once they cookies are baked.

Other than the carob chips melting onto the cookie sheet, the cookies turned out well. I wouldn’t say they are amazing, but they are good. They satisfy my sugar cravings, so I would call this baking experiment a success.

I need to work on my gluten free baking skills though. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. And I need to find some sugar free ketchup. Life without ketchup? I just can’t imagine.

a new recipe.

I think it was about a year ago that I was really diligent about trying new recipes. I would try a new one about once a week. And then that stopped. I got lazy.

Lately I have been trying to do this again. This time around, I’m trying to find easy and quick recipes when I can.

I discovered the blog Love and Lemons a couple weeks ago. I love the simplistic look of this blog, the food photography is gorgeous, and the recipes look fantastic!

You know I’m all about winter squash, and lately I have heard how good delicata squash is. However, I had never cooked it. When I saw this recipe for a roasted delicata squash veggie bowl, I was finally inspired to try it.

The great thing about veggies bowls is that they are easy. You can fill your bowl up with whatever you have on hand. You can make it a really quick meal, or one that takes a little longer like this one. The squash roasts for 30-40 minutes, and the brown rice I made takes about the same amount of time. This meal probably took me around 50 minutes total to make. But you can make it simple by using rice that cooks quickly (or leftover rice), and maybe steam some vegetables which would take less time than roasting.

While the rice and squash were cooking, I cut up the other vegetables that I used (carrots, kale, and mushrooms) and got them ready to be cooked. I added a little olive oil, salt, and pepper to the kale and carrots and roasted them together for about 10 minutes. And I sautéed the mushrooms in a little olive oil and mirin for 5 minutes.

This miso sauce from Daily Garnish is really good, and easy. So that is what I made to go with this veggie bowl. I have been making this sauce at least once a week.

This meal was really good. Sonny liked it a lot too, which is great because I want to make it again. Soon.

Fall Food

As much as I love summer (my favorite season by far), I think I like fall food better.


Winter squash, yes please! Seriously, I can’t get enough.

Luckily, Sonny likes it too. But to make sure he doesn’t get tired of it, I like to change it up. I have several different recipes I make with winter squash, but it was time for a new one.

When I saw Ashley’s recipe for Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce, I knew I had to make it. Creamy without dairy? Sounds amazing to me. Oh and it includes roasted red pepper. Yum!


This was definitely not the quickest recipe to make. But it is really good, and totally worth the time!