The End

It’s probably not a surprise that I have decided to stop writing this blog.

I didn’t write much at all while we were wedding planning, and now that the wedding is over I feel like I need a fresh start.

I considered the possibility of not blogging anymore. But it’s a fun project and a nice break from work. And a great way to document our life.

You can find my new website here: Lindsey Kay

Thanks for reading!

- Lindsey

Bedroom Remodel – Steps 1 + 2

I think the master bedroom in our house was my least favorite room. It’s an “L” shaped room with three closets on three separate walls (none are walk-in), and two windows on two walls. The shape makes it difficult to arrange the room. As well as lots of wall space being taken up by closets and windows. Also, I have always hated the carpet in the room.

For some reason, I decided on New Year’s Eve that it was time to remodel the bedroom. We had talked about doing it for a while but never took the plunge. So on New Year’s Day I painted. But first, before photos.

The view as you walk in the door.

From the doorway.

I wanted to put the bed under the window in this photo, but that area of the room isn’t wide enough for night stands. So the bed was always awkwardly positioned in the middle of the room.

And a photo from the other direction.

The first step was to paint. I’m getting tired of brown and other warm colors because that is what we have always painted our walls, so I decided to go with gray.

And we moved the bed. While I was painting, Sonny was making us night stands that would fit next to the bed.

These photos don’t show the true color of the paint, but it’s close.

Step 2 was a lighting change.

See the light in this photo? We hated it. First, the bulbs were really hard to change. The beams on the ceiling (which we figured out later need to stay for structural purposes) kind of block the light, so the lighting in the room was never good. Because of the “L” shape of the room, we always thought there should be more than one light fixture.


We added three lights. You can only see two of them in the above photos. There is a third one near the door entering the room. The lighting in the room is so much better now. We couldn’t believe how much of a difference this change made.

The lighting is temporary right now. You can see in the above photo that the lights are connected wired to where the old light fixture was. We wanted to see how we liked the new positions of the lights before making it permanent and haven’t taken the next step yet. We also haven’t purchased light fixtures yet. Just the bulbs.


February consisted of lots of house projects just like January. We finished the hard wood floor in our bedroom which was really exciting. It was such a long process and it felt so good to be done. Then we jumped right in to a few bathroom projects to improve the look of that space a little bit.

The finished floor! We love it.

Katie and I ran walked the Valentine Fanconi Anemia race again. This is the race we do every year. Since I’m injured, we walked this year.


I tried two new yoga classes while in Portland for the race. The second one was at North Portland Yoga (pictured above).

Max goes crazy for popcorn.

I painted the bathroom trim (while watching a track meet), ceiling, and walls (twice).

We tasted wedding cake flavors! The best part by far was the chocolate ganache. It was so good. We know we are getting our cake from Sweet Life, but we haven’t finalized flavors or the design. All I know is there will be chocolate ganache. So if you are coming to our wedding, BE EXCITED. It’s going to be good!

A hike to Mt. Baldy.


We started our garden. I always enjoy planting the first seeds. It means Spring is not too far away!

Made shelves for the bathroom.

And as always, lots of cooking!